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Alan Humphries - Character

Alan Humphries is a member of the Shinigami Dispatch Department. He works directly with Eric Slingby, William, Ronald Knox, and Grell Sutcliff. Alan seems calm most of the time, but can become angry and shout. Like the other Shinigami, Alan has little tolerance for those who break the rules or slack off. His Death Scythe is a Japanese-style long-handled garden slasher.

Alan plays a major part in the second Kuroshitsuji musical. He is revealed to have an illness named "The Thorns of Death," which can only be cured by collecting one thousand souls. Alan, despite his illness and his frequent attacks, participates in the hunting of his partner, Eric Slingby, who is thought to be killing random people simply for his own pleasure. He even disguises himself in a dress in order to find Eric at the opera scene.
After Alan confronts Eric, it is revealed that Eric has been collecting these souls in an attempt to save Alan's life, stating "I would commit any sin if that allows me to share your pain." Alan appears to instantly forgive Eric. The two agree to run away together, after Alan makes Eric promise not to kill anyone else. They both remove their glasses, which signifies their resignation as Shinigami.
At the end of the musical, when Eric attempts to kill Ciel Phantomhive, Alan steps into his path (because Eric had promised earlier not to kill anymore) and is killed by Eric's death scythe. Eric is deeply upset, but Sebastian Michaelis ends his grief by killing Eric with Alan's death scythe. When Eric is killed, the souls that he had collected for Alan were released, falling like snow around Sebastian and Ciel, creating "The most beautiful Death in the World."

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