lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Shinigami Dispatch Department

This society handles to dispatch of Shinigami for reaping souls. They decide who should continue to live or not based on their history.
We can see that there are new main Shinigamis that were shown in Kuroshitsuji Musical 2: The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World. They are Eric Slingby and his best friend Alan Humphries. We all know that Shinigami must follow rules but one of them secretly didn't follow the rules like Eric Slingby who kills/collects a lot of people/souls in London in order to save his best friend Alan in his illness named "The Thorns of Death" which can only be heal by 1000 souls.
When William along with Ronald knew this he decided to punish Eric but Alan stopped them.
Later, Alan found Eric and asked him to stop running. He said that he will kill his self if he didn't tell him why his killing a lot of people who aren't in the death list. Eric rushes and stop Alan then Eric told Alan that his doing this to heal his illness because he doesn't want to loose Alan. Alan forgives Eric and decided to take off their glasses as a sign of resignation as a Shinigami and run away and forget everything. Alan also made Eric promise that he will not kill anymore.
While they are running, Alan was attack again by his illness. Then Sebastian came and tell everything to Eric that what he would have done is useless. He's also there because Ciel ordered Sebastian to kill Eric but Alan stops Sebastian as Alan begs Eric to stop. Then Eric attempts to kill Ciel Phantomhive, Alan steps into his path (because Eric had promised earlier not to kill anymore) and is killed by Eric's death scythe. Eric is deeply upset, but Sebastian Michaelis ends his grief by killing Eric with Alan's death scythe. When Eric is killed, the souls that he had collected for Alan were released, falling like snow around Sebastian and Ciel, creating "the most beautiful death in the world."

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